Troiani Historical Miniatures
(THM is a new company unrelated to Conte Collectibles)
Lee's Texans

Troiani Historical Miniatures has introduced the first in a series of limited edition sets of miniatures inspired by the art of renowned military artist, Don Troiani.   The first limited edition set is based on the well known painting, Lee's Texans, depicting General Robert E. Lee and the brave men of the 5th Texas Regiment during the Battle of the Wilderness on May 6, 1864.

Working closely with master sculptor, Ken Osen, this collaboration of artists created a truly extraordinary introductory set.  The same attention to historical accuracy for which Don Troiani is renowned, is evident in such trivial details as the battle honors on the flag.

The number of sets is limited to 2000.  Each set contains a base for 5 infantry figures and Lee mounted on his horse, Traveler.  Figures can also be used without the base.  Also included is a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and descriptive historical fact sheet signed by Don Troiani. 

List Price:   $170 plus applicable tax and postage.
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"Iron Brigade"

THM is proud to introduce the second in its series of Civil War dioramas...the "Iron Brigade".  The Iron Brigade was organized in Washington, DC on October 1, 1861 and initially composed of units from Indiana and Wisconsin.  The 24th Michigan eventually was added to the Brigade.  Origianlly the Brigade was referred to as the "Black Hat" Brigade because of  the use of a distinctive hat known as the Hardee hat which was turned up on one side.   The Brigade fought valianly at the battles of Bull Run, South Mountain (where it earned the nickname, Iron Brigade), Fredricksburg, Antietam, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. 

The latest Troiani Historical Miniature diorama depicts Colonel Henry Morrow, the 24th Michigan's regimental commander in the Iron Brigade, defiantly waving his colors at the advancing Confederates during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Like Lee's Texans, this set was sculpted by renowned master, Ken Osen working closely with Don Troiani.  Troiani personally hand painted the master set to guide the factory artists and assure accuracy. 

Quantity limited to 1000 signed and numbered sets!
Each set includes 7 figures on a detailed base in a collectible box accompanied by a numbered historical fact and authenticity sheet signed by Don Troiani.

List Price:  $170 plus applicable tax and postage.
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U.S. Marines (1861-1865)
List Price:   $89 plus applicable tax and postage.
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Irish Zouaves
List Price:   $79 plus applicable tax and postage.
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