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We deal primarily with the sale, customization and conversion of 54 mm toy soldiers manufactured by the LeMan's Collection.  This collection includes numerous poses and accessories (forts, bridges, tents, walls, etc.) for use in dioramas depicting American historical periods such as the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, the French and Indian War (Trappers, Iroquois, etc.), Plains Indians Wars (Buffalo Soldiers, Indians, 7th Cavalry, etc.) and the Texas War for Independence (Alamo combatants).

Some accessories (wells, tools, wagons and bridges, etc.) can be used for other wars like World War I & II as well as domestic scenes (farms, villages, etc.). 

Recently, we added the highly detailed figures manufactured by Troiani Historical Miniatures (THM) and Schleich to our product line (See links at the side of this page!).

              All items discounted & sold individually.
For information about toy soldiers depicting the French & Indian War, the American Revolution, the Plains Indian Wars, the Texas War of Independence or the American Civil War, please contact:
LeMan's Collection Confederate Artillery Unit with Napoleonic 12 pounder

Both Union and Confederate artillery-men were distinguished by red ornamentation on their pants and collars.  The LeMan's Civil War Collection includes other cannons (Dahlgren, Parrott, etc.) and mortars (Dictator & coehorn) as well as several artillery accessories such as walls, swinging gates, ramparts, limbers, forts, etc.  Cannons come with a sponge and bucket.  Artillery officers, casualties, sponge men, shell holders, bucket carriers, etc. are available in a variety of poses.
LeMan's Collection Cavalry

Civil War cavalrymen were identified by yellow ornamentation on their pants and collars.  Collectors have the choice of several horse colors (brown, black, grey, palomino) and action poses (charging, trotting or standing with their riders equipped with swords, pistols, rifles and a variety of flags).  Hat options are described below.
LeMan's Collection Gatling Gun

Twelve Gatling guns with wheels were used during the final days of the American Civil War.  The tri-pod version was introduced later.  The picture at the left depicts an Union artilleryman in a kepi hat.  Other Union options include the Hardee (Iron Brigade), campaign, trooper, African-American (to represent U.S. Colored Infantry units like the 54th Massachusetts) & slouch hat styles.  Confederate hat styles include kepi, slouch, floppy, turned up floppy, plumed (popular with Virginia units), top, trooper & African-American hats. (Yes, some African-Americans willingly fought for the South.)

The Le Man's Collection includes a broad range of infantry poses.  All combatants used dark blue ornamentation on pants and collars to designate infantrymen during the American Civil War. Six hat styles are available for use with Union Infantry and 8 for Confederate (See descriptions above).  Also available are a variety of regimental flags (3rd Mississippi Battle Flag, Irish Brigade, etc.) and accessories (fences, trees, tents, stacked rifles, etc.)
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