Claymore Stereoscope Viewer
Card shown in stereoscope is not included with unit.  It only serves to ilustrate the viewing process.
Much of the photographic record of the Civil War was captured on stereo photographic cards.

The Stereoscope Viewer shown above is a fine reproduction of the type used to view these photographic cards during the a Civil War era as well as stereoscopic cards from other periods. 

The wood body and stand are hand crafted. 

The wide, leather hood accomodates modern eyeglasses.

Large lenses provide a full view of antique stereo photographs obtainable over the Internet.

In addition to being a unique conversation piece, stereoscopes make great gifts and complement Civil War Collections.

Price      $100.00
Postage      $6.00
Samples of stereoscopic cards available on the Internet.
View Civil War Stereographs!
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