LeMan's Collection Catalog
French and Indian War
(Under Development)
Woodland Indians (Iroquois)
Roger's Rangers

American Revolution
Concord Bridge (Custom order)

American, French, British & Hessian Regiments
(Under Development)
American 1st Dragoons
American Colonel Lasher's NY grenadiers
American Continental Infantry
American Continental Marines
American Militia (Lexignton/Concord/Boston)
American Infantry (Valley Forge)
American Rhode Island Artillery Train
American 2nd South Carolinians
American Virginia Culpeper Militia
British 17th Dragoons
British 38th Regiment of Foot - Grenadiers
British 38th Regiment of Foot - Fusilliers
British Marine Grenadiers
British Butler's Rangers (Saratoga)
French Luazan's Legion
French Soissonais
Hesse Hanau Grenadiers
Von Lossberg Hessians (Trenton)
Hesse Cassel Artillery

American Civil War


(Under Development)

Texas War of Independence

Mexican Tres Villas Infantry Battalian (Alamo)
Mexican Dragoon (Alamo)
Texans (Alamo)
Tennessians (Alamo)
Alabama Red Rovers (Goliad)

Plains Indian Wars

Plains Indians

7th Cavalry

Buffalo Soldiers

Battle Scenes & Accessories

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The 1999 LeMan's
Collection Catalog was the last paper version produced.  It consisted of 6 pages of black & white pictures that depicted the entire line of poses at that time.  We have placed this catalog on our web site as an interim means of displaying the broad spectrum of figures available from LeMan's.  In addition, we added the 1999 Retail Price List
(Note that we discount from these prices!!)

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