1050BK        1051GK           1054BK             1053GK                1052BK

           1050                        Guard in raincoat with rifle on shoulder
           1051                        Guard in raincoat with rifle slung and pistol
           1052*                      Bugler with raised pistol
           1053*                      Bugler with raised rifle
           1054*                      Bugler advancing with rifle
Civil War Infantry
(Colored Catalog Pictures Shown Below)

General Ordering Information

Pose numbers are shown below each picture below and should be used to order figures along with any optional designations described below.  Use the following format to specify your selection:
Pose B/G Hat Style  - Flag Style for colorbearers or arm position for loaders (If applicable)

For example, 1001 B K - IB depicts a Union (B) colorbearer advancing (1001) in a kepi (K) hat with an Irish Brigade flag.

Confederate and Union Civil War Infantry personnel were distinguished by blue stripes on both sides of their pants.   All poses shown below are available in Union (B) or Confederate (G) versions. 

Those poses marked with an asterisk (*) are available with any of the following hat style options:

    Union (B)                                           Confederate (G)
                                                       Kepi (K)                                                   Kepi (K)
                                                    Hardee (H)                                      Turned Up Floppy (TF)
                                                  Trooper (TR)                                            Trooper (TR)
                                                     Slouch (S)                                                Slouch (S)
                                 US Colored Infantry with kepi (B)             African American with kepi (B)
                                     Campaign (Hat with small brim (C)                     Floppy (F)
                                                                                                                     Plumed hat (P)
                                                                                                                        Top hat (T)


         1. Some Union and Confederate hats can be mixed for further diversity.  For example, a
             Confederate "top hat" option can be used with a Union soldier also.

         2. Most infantry figures can be converted to artillery figures by replacing the blue stripes
              with a red, or to cavalry figures on foot by replacing the blue stripes with yellow.  This
             is especially useful if an infantry officer pose is desired for an artillery pose.

         3. Custom uniforms representing special state and regimental units can be depicted by
              using a basic pose and painting it differently or adding a different hat style.  Troiani's
              Regimrnts and Uniforms of the American Civil War, the Company of Military Historians
              books and prints, Osprey books, Haythorne's Uniforms of the Civil War, Miller's
              Uniforms, Weapons and Equipment of the Civil War, Jouineau & Mongin's Officer's and
              Soldiers of the American Civil War (Volumes 1 & 2) and Time-Life's Echoes of Glory
              Series are some of the best reference books for Civil War uniform colors and hat styles.
              These are custom orders that may take up to 4 weeks to get but result in a very unique
              and often "one of a kind" collectible. 

         4. Request that different facial hair (beard, moustache, clean-shaven, goatee, etc.) or hair colors
             (blonde, red, brown, black, gray, etc.) be used to avoid a cookie cutter image when ordering figures
             with the same pose.  


Colorbearers are available in 3 poses:
  1001*          Advancing
1002*          Standing
1003*          Running
Colorbearers and flagpoles (#2362) are available with the following embossed metal flags:
7th Mississippi (7)
Stars & Bars (S)
3rd National (3)
1st Tennessee (T)
Louisiana Pelican (P)
Terry's Texas Rangers (TR)
2nd Virginia (V)
SC Williams Guard (SC)
8th North Carolina (NC)

1055GK             1056BC              1057GF            1058BK                1059GTF

         1055*                     Officer with sword and pointing
         1056*                     Officer with pistol and pointing
         1057*                     Officer with pistol and shouting
         1058*                     Officer with sword and pistol
         1059*                     Bugler running with pistol
        1060GK             1061BK              1062GTF            1063BK          1064GK

             1060*                     Kneeling with rifle at the ready
             1061*                     Kneeling with rifle at order arms
             1062*                     Kneeling reaching for cartridge
             1063*                     Kneeling and drinking from canteen
             1064*                     Running with rifle at shoulder arms      
   1070GTF              1071BTR       1072GF       1073BK          1074GS

              1070                        Terry's Texas Ranger with pistol & bowie knife
              1071*                     Reloading
              1072*                     Reloading while running
              1073*                     Advancing with rifle at port arms
              1074*                     Shooting from kneeling position      
        1065GK                1066BK             1067GTF             1068BK                 1069GK

                   1065*                      Advancing cautiously with musket
                   1066*                      Running low with musket
                   1067*                      Thrusting forward with bayonet
                   1068*                      Fifer
                   1069*                      Leaning forward to shoot    
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Stars & Stripes (S)
31st Pennsylvania (PA)
Crossed Sabers (C)
Battle Flag (B)
Virginia Old Guard (V)
1003BK-R                   1003BH-I          1130BTR-S           2362-A
1001BK-PA61             1001BH-IB                1003BK-PA63
1001GTF-P                   1002GK-NC                       1003GK-V
1130GTR-V          1001GF-B         1003GTF-S      1001GK-3         1130GK-B
1001GK-T               1002GK-SC                           1003GTF-TR
First Corps (I)
Regimental (R)
Artillery Crossed Cannon (A)
31st PA - 1861 (PA61)
31st PA - 1865 (PA65)
Irish Brigade - 63rd NY (IB)
The following embossed metal cavalry guidons are also available with the downed cavalryman pose (#1130):
1075BK          1076GTF          1077BK            1078GK                     1079BH

   1075*                     Shooting from prone position
   1076*                     Standing and shooting
   1077*                     Drummer Boy (African-Americans were drummers also)
   1078*                     Running and firing
   1079*                     Stalking
  1080GK        1081BK                 1082GF                 1083B                    1084GK

             1080*                      Running with rifle and pistol
             1081*                      Thrusting with bayonet
             1082*                      Charging
             1083                        Wounded (Error - shown with red artillery stripes)
             1084*                      Wounded - Falling with rifle
  1085GK                             1086B     1087GK             1088B            1089GTF

         1085*                     Wounded with separate rifle
         1086                       Wounded with bent leg for stretcher  
         1087*                     Stretcher set (2 men + stretcher) - Consider a mix                                                 of hat styles and USA (B) & CSA (G) soldiers
         1088B                     Amputee
         1089G*                  Wounded - Falling forward
  1090GTF                                     1091GK                            1092BK

1090*                      Running with 2 pistols
1091*                      Officer or non-com with sword on right shoulder
1092*                      Officer or non-com holding sword behind back with                                                both hands
1093*                      Officer or non-com holding sword in front with both
                                hands (Not shown - similar to 1092)
1105GK           1106BK                1107BK       1108BK       1109GK

       1105*                      Running - Port Arms
       1106*                      Sitting to shoot
       1107*                      Sitting with binoculars
       1108*                      Sitting to fire pistol
       1109*                      Reloading
1110BK              1111GK                  1112BK                 1113GK          1114GT

         1110*                      Tired soldier dragging rifle
         1111*                      Loader/Spit turner/Well Cranker - specify individual                                            hand positions (left/right - up/down)
         1112                        Blacksmith with anvil
         1113                        Banjo player
         1114*                      Fiddler
1131B                        1132GK           1133GT          1134GP       1135BK

   1131                        Downed cavalryman (Yellow stripes) fighting with sabre
   1132                        Gunnery sargeant (Red stripes) using pistol as club
   1133*                      Bather
   1134*                      Dismounted cavalryman standing to shoot carbine
   1135*                      Dismounted cavalryman kneeling to shoot carbine
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