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We also sell historic books, games, unpainted miniature ships, videos/DVDs, CDs for PCs and other items from several well known publishers (such as Osprey and Uniformology) and manufacturers (such as Thoroughbred, H-Bar Enterprises and U.S. Games). 
All are sold at discount.  Contact us for latest discount price. 
Since the number of items available from these firms is very extensive, we have not listed them here.  Instead, we have provided links to their web sites in the margin so that you can view their latest publication list and prices.  After visiting their site, you can return to this page by using you browser's BACK button and place your order by mail, email or phone.

Prices do not include applicable sales tax (NY State only) or actual postage (We use the lowest postal rate, such as book rate, unless otherwise specified).

Payment can be made by check or credit card (Discover & American Express only).
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History Playing Cards from US Games

We discount $1.00 from any suggested list price for card decks less than $10.00 and $2.00 from any U.S. Games card deck that is $10.00 or more.  Click on the button in the left margin to visit the U.S. Games web site and select your card decks.  Most historic decks can be found in the Playing Card or Game Catalogs. 
Return to Spillway's web site to place your order by mail, email or phone. 
Credit cards are not accepted for card deck orders unless the total order including other items exceeds $20.00.

Typical subjects for card decks are:
Original Iraqi Card Decks (Hunted Iraqi leaders)
Iraq Patriotic Decks (Coalition weapons, leaders, etc.)
Native Americans
Civil War Generals & Leaders
Civil War Battles
Civil War Weapons
Civil War Reproductions for Reenactors (1862, 1863, 1864)
The Wild West (Lawmen, Indians, Frontiersmen, etc.)
World War I & II Poster Decks
World War II Spotter Decks (Aircraft & Ships)
Civil War Ship Models (1/600 scale metal) from Thorougbred

We offer a 10% or more discount on Thoroughbred ship models.  Click on the button in left margin to visit the Thoroughbred web site and select your ship and accessories.  Use your web browser's BACK  button to return to Spillway's web site to place your order by mail, email,  or phone.
History CDs for PCs

"The Civil War Experience" (History Channel)
Two (2) hours of video from the acclaimed History Channel series, "Civil War Journal".   Includes a searchable data base with copy & printing capability and links to Civil War web sites.  Windows 95/98 with 133MHz minimum PC, 32 MB RAM, 4X CD-ROM, 16 bit Windows compatible sound card and pointing device.
Our Price:    $20.00

"H-Bar CDs for PCs"
We offer a 15% discount for H-Bar CDs.  Click on the button in the left margin to visit the H-Bar web site and select your CDs.  Use your the BACK button for your web browser to return to Spillway's web site and place your order by mail, email or phone.

H-Bar CDs are made by scanning books and maps to create digitized images.  Text is coverted to computer recognizable characters by the technique of optical character recognition (OCR).  Consequently, information that is contained on the CD can be retrieved by search engines which are included with most CDs. 
Typical CDs cover the following subjects:
War of 1812
The Official Records of the Civil War (128 volumes)
Civil War Clipart
West Point Atlas of the Civil War
World War I and II
American Battle Art


General Military
Osprey books (20% discount) and Uniformology (50% discount) books available.  Use buttons at left to visit Osprey or Uniformology web sites and view their list of publications. 

After selecting the books that interest you, use your browser BACK button to return to Spillway's web site and place your order by Email, Postal mail or phone.

American Civil War

Brassey's American Civil War Union Army (Soft Cover) - Ron Field
Union Civil War uniforms and accessories.
List Price:    $18.00
Our Price:    $15.00

Brassey's American Civil War Confederate Army (Soft Cover) - Robin Smith
Confederate Civil War uniforms and accessories.
List Price:    $18.00
Our Price:    $15.00

The Library of Congress Civil War Desk Reference (Hard Cover) - Wagner, Gallagher, Finkelman, McPherson (Remainder mark on bottom.)
Encyclopedia reference material.
List Price:    $45.00
Our Price:    $25.00

Illustrated Atlas of the Civil War - Time Life Series (Softcover)
Maps, pictures and descriptions of major Civil War Battles.
ur Price:    $15.00

"Covered With Glory" - Rod Gragg (Hardcover - Remainder mark on bottom.)
The story of the 26th North Carolina at the Battle of Gettysburg.
List Price:   $27.95
Our Price:   $15.00

"The Civil War: The North" - Mort Kunstler (Hardcover)
A collection of Kunstler's favorite Civil War paintings and text in a mini album (6' x 5").
List Price:   $12.95
Our Price:   $  8.00

"Friendly Fire in the Civil War" - Webb Garrison (Softcover)
Over 100 stories about Civil War soldiers killed by friendly fire.
List Price:   $12.95
Our Price:   $  8.00

"Colt Rifles and Muskets from 1847 to 1870" - Herbert Houze
Colt firearm history before, during and after the American Civil War.
List Price:    $34.95
Our Price:    $25.00

"The Civil War in Depth (Volume II)" - Bob Zeller
139 original stereo photographs including 18 in color, stereoscope and accompanying text.
List Price:     $27.50
Our Price:     $16.00

"The Wars of America" - Robert Leckie
Four books consolidated in 1 (1281 pages).  Covers the French and Indian Wars through the Persian Gulf War.
List Price:     $50.00
Our Price:     $25.00

"Images of the Storm" - Robert Knox Sneden (Remainder mark on bottom.)
Sequel to the book, "Eye of the Storm".  Sneden was an artist who fought in several Civil War battles until his capture and imprisonment at Andersonville in 1863.  Both books contain recently found artwork and maps that depict battles, life and imprisonment during the Civil War.  Great reference material for Civil War buffs!
List Price:     $50.00
Our Price:     $20.00

"Vital Guide: Battles of the American Civil War" - Jonathon Sutherland
Brief battle descriptions, maps, pictures & statistics of almost all Civil War battles.
List Price:     $12.95
Our Price:     $11.00

"Vital Guide: Commanders and Heroes of the American Civil War" - Jonathon Sutherland
Short biographies & pictures of major and minor Civil War participants.
List Price:     $12.95
Our Price:     $11.00

"Confederate Artilleryman: 1865-1865" - Philip Katcher (Osprey Warrior Series)
Descriptions of Confederate artillery procedures, uniforms and equipment.
List Price:     $16.95
Our Price:     $14.00

American Revolutionary War

"The American Provincial Corps: 1775-1784" - Philip Katcher (Osprey: Men at Arms)
Artist renditions of uniforms, weapon pictures and unit descriptions.
List Price:     $14.95
Our Price:     $12.00

"The American Revolution: 1774-1783" - Daniel Marston (Osprey: Essential Histories)
Text, maps and pictures describing the American Revolution.
List Price:     $14.95
Our Price:     $12.00

Native Americans

"The Mighty Chieftains" - Time Life Series (Hardcover)
Native American Chieftains from pre-colonial days to the Plains Indian Wars.
List Price:   $19.95
Our Price:   $12.00

World War II

"German's Secret Weapons in World War II" - Roger Ford (Hardcover)
Rockets, jets, artillery, tanks, subs, and nuclear, biological & chemical weapons.
List Price:    $19.95
Our Price:    $17.00

Miscellaneous Books

"Comrades" - Stephen Ambrose
Stories about battle comrades (Custer brothers, Lewis & Clark, Crazy Horse & He Dog, Easy Company, etc.)
List Price:    $21.00
Our Price:    $  7.00
Uniformology Books
Miscellaneous Items

"Official Iraqi Top 55 Card Deck"
Identical deck manufactured by the same company (U.S. Playing Cards = Hoyle) that distributed the original 200 decks to troops in Iraq.  Contains 2 Hoyle copyrighted Jokers.Made in the USA.  Avoid "Made in China" imitations!
Our Price:   $10 (Includes media postage)
Audio Books

"Atlanta: Fall of the South's Gate City" (Time-Life Voices of the Civil War Series)
Playing Time:    90 Minutes
Quantity Available:     2
List Price:    $12.00
Our Price:    $  8.00
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Claymore Steroscope

Stereoscopes were developed to view 3D Civil War scenes.  The Claymore Stereoscope is a unique converstion piece and gift that allows the viewer to get a better perspective of this horrific war as well as other historic events that followed.
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We carry several Civil War Documentary Movies (VHS & DVD) created by Inecom:
"Civil War Minutes (Union)"
"Civil War Minutes (Confederate)"
"Left for Dead"
"Shot to Pieces"
"Civil War Life" (Includes "Left for Dead" & "Shot to Pieces"

To learn more about these movies, click on the button below.